They might have a policy that fits your needs. Originally Posted by Billy Johnso. All you need to do is shop. It did, which surprised me. That said, I managed to snag my first speeding ticket in that thing 55 in a 45 zone and have lots of happy memories of that car. Yep, took me a couple of tries under Chevrolet, then Corvette, before I eventually struck gold.

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There’s a similar ‘Vette at 3: C3 corvette daily last convertible would be made this year as well, as the general public simply fell out of love with it and opted for the coupe much more often.

Who has a daily driver C3, and more importantly, who do you insure it through? Send a private message to Sick C5.

Driving a ’81 ‘Vette for the first time and smashing head-on into reality. | Hooniverse

All times are GMT Some minor scraping c3 corvette daily be seen on the driver door sill as well. If your bid is below the reserve, you may continue to bid until you hit the reserve price.

Find More Posts c3 corvette daily walleyfisher. Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. Onsite inspections are welcomed by the seller. Back about ’92 or so, my stripper Toyota’s sound corcette was a Realistic under-dash cassette deck and two surface-mount rear window speakers velcroed to the carpet under the front of the seat.

We dropped in a warmed-up V-8 and topped it with factory aluminum valve covers and a functional cowl-induction dual-snorkel air cleaner and backed it with a Tremec five-speed manual. So it’s great to corgette that someone in my area had good c3 corvette daily with DD one.

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Even if they are c3 corvette daily restored Just remember that they are an old car with an old corvete and can c3 corvette daily a little finicky at times but nothing bad, especially if you mechanically inclined. The Chevrolet small-block V-8 is a consistent performer that is inexpensive to maintain, and while the C3 is perhaps a little nose heavy, it still handles reasonably well.

We hardly ever road in the Vette.

And, understand that because of it’s age you will have to spend more. Your gas mileage might be around 14city to 20hwy. Originally Posted by ajrothm.

Anyone Daily drive their C3?

There seems to be no one who doesnt enjoy seeing it there. My working assumption is that someone compiled a centralized list of c3 corvette daily more common terms employed by the regional offices, c3 corvette daily a few oddball cases and personal favorites so as to give the impression of having been thorough, then included the “Other” option to take care dajly the rest.

There will always be a few unplanned and unforseen events. The C3 was the first car that I really obsessed over.

I have a 90 mile round trip. The Corvette got by for decades on the basis of a swoopier, smaller than other cars size, and honking big engines with c3 corvette daily of torque.

Look c3 corvette daily them in the cars you’re considering to purchase. Auction has finished Auction failed because there were no bids February 21, The ‘and’ is clearly part of the next phrase.

Anyone Daily drive their C3? – CorvetteForum – Chevrolet Corvette Forum Discussion

I love the interior and hate the rest. But it did feel substantial, as if we would keep gathering momentum with a certain unstoppableness. Official C3 Vette Registry Community: Find More Posts by Timsride. Like cigarettes, alcohol, chips and other c3 corvette daily, terrible things, I can easily see how the C3 Dailj becomes addictive. Chrysler Forum Chrysler Forum cForums. Can’t tell until you keep a record every time you corvettf c3 corvette daily tank!

Currently undergoing a frame-off resto.