If the external video is fine, then I would suspect the LCD screen itself. It must have damaged the boot sector on your hard drive. Can anyone offer advice as to my next course of action? Then the screen goes grey with a few white lines running horizontal across it. I looked at a lot of sites about this, yours is the best.

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I made the same configurations and everything was running ok i could go into windows xp as before. I listened and heard a quiet clicking noise coming from my power alienware area 51m 766 like small sparks and decided that that was the problem.

Jared, If you have hair-like vertical lines that go away when you press on the screen, then most likely that the screen failure. I took alienware area 51m 766 laptop apart and checked every wire in the cable going to the display and could not find any problems with the cable.

Fixing bad video on LCD screen | Laptop Repair

I can reproduce alienware area 51m 766 effect by using the gradient tool in photoshop and sliding the near black part of a gradated image to the right side of the screen. Can you get into safe mode? I hope that this problem is something simple. I seemed to just think it alienware area 51m 766 the started button as I was kind of not pressing it in properly.

Be sure to make a backup copy of all your data before attempting this operation.

Fixing bad video on LCD screen

Test the AC adapter using a voltmeter, find out if it works. At first when the computer was getting to the splash screen and then restarting I would have said to check the ram. Make sure alienware area 51m 766 all pins if you have any are straight and alienware area 51m 766 bent. There r aliejware of horizontal lines that appear on alienwzre lcd and the whole display looks inverted and out of focus. Now the screen is in bars of blue, green and some white, predominately on the left side of the screen and across the top.

Eddie, This problem sounds like a bad LCD screen to me. I was afraid I fried my bios or source, I tried something ilogic, I alienware area 51m 766 unplugged the computer, waited few seconds, plugged back in and started as usual with no boot device, reset from keyboard.

But then, I log into my computer account, and all I see is black, and the cursor. After that you reboot the laptop again and after it starts from the recovery disc, you just follow instructions on the screen. It works fine with external monitor and I also confirmed that the lcd inverter and the cable that connects the inverter to the mboard are fine by using a new one. Something is wrong with the video card. The time it takes to go to the grey screen is intermittent though.

Parallel Port The pin parallel port connects to any parallel-port devices such as a printer. What do you recommend to check? If you have just performed an upgrade and then get a black screen, the answer is obvious. The problem occured yesterday morning and at one point I was able to restart the computer and it would bot normally, but within a few moments the screen would freeze and I would be alienware area 51m 766 to shutdown.

It sounds like it is overheating and then shutting down… It could be dust on the cpu fan…. Take out the battery and unplug it for 30 minutes, then try again. When your computer has a black screen on startup from doing this and you realize this is the problem and remove the USB, the computer alienware area 51m 766 continues to boot normally.

Once I reboot it starts to show only the red vertical lines and later the coloured dots and lines. Is this switch bad or is there a problem with the backlight or FL inverter? Do not repair it yourself, you will lose the warranty. Recently the video card was changed and then the lcd had a blueish tint and no blacks whatsoever. Thats if you have xp…it will scan for errors and restore the right files… Also you could try installing a new driver for your display options… and….

Is my computer dead or is there alienware area 51m 766 else I could do? I would try that first. My computer was installing 14 windows update it had downloaded automatically while I was using it normally. Video issues can be caused by: Your Windows Operating System could have some corrupt files preventing it from loading.

Alienware area 51m 766 close the alienware area 51m 766 cover, fold it down gently until alienware area 51m 766 LCD latches click into place.

Can you get the image back to normal if you slightly torque the screen? I would also be looking for some kind of bent pin or hardware problem that is causing this. Have tried numerous times to restart as use safe mode safe mode worksand have unplugged the USB Internet and all other USB and the power source but my computer will not load past that screen.

These are basic things I would try first: If it works then you know something is wring with the screen.

Like I stated already, I get a very bright, clear screen of multi-colored lines while booting. Hello I have a question about this.

Hope this post can help. If video on the external screen alienware area 51m 766 fine and this defect appears only on the internal LCD, most likely you have a bad screen. You said that you logged in to 1 account and then had a black screen.

I have a Alienware area 51m 766 Inspiron with Vista. Hi Amber It looks like some system files are damaged from not shutting it down nicely! Take a look on the motherboard.