Duplex Option Duplex Double-Sided printing can be performed automatically with the duplex option installed. You always adjust the media guides in Tray 1 after inserting the media a guide that is not properly adjusted can cause poor print quality, media mis- feeds, and machine damage. Response After Flash Compulsive Initialization 2. The magenta toner cartridge has been moved to the position from where it can be replaced. Check them for damage. Page Remove any misfed media.

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Using The Scanner 4Using the Scanner In order to perform duplex double-sided copying or collated Sort copying oki mc160n 2in1 copying, specify the necessary settings before per- forming step 4.

Chapter 2 about description on color registration adjustment should be followed for recovery from an error caused by the test. Registering Speed Dial Destinations ldap Search Use mc106n keypad to type in the e-mail address, and then press the Okl key. Do not load paper above the mark. Page Symptom Cause Some parts When printing enve- of the image lopes, the zoom ratio are lost with was specified, and 2in1 copying. While a document Turn the machine off, oki mc160n being scanned oki mc160n then, after waiting from the original a few seconds, oki mc160n it oki mc160n in Scan mode, on again.

Remove the toner cartridges and check for damage. If jammed paper remains, pull it out gently and close the cover.

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Non Oki original products may damage your printer’s nc160n. Close the ADF cover. Specify the desired copy settings. Part Names The following drawings oki mc160n the parts of your machine referred to throughout this guide, so please take some time to become familiar with them.

Getting Acquainted with Your Machine Space Requirements To ensure easy operation, consumable replacement and oki mc160n, adhere to the recommended space requirements detailed below.

The search begins, and the search results appear after a while. If necessary, contact Technical Mmc160n with the error information. Note Do not touch the matching connectors of the fuser unit and the machine.

Page Install the duplex option. Page This message Always remove the missed media in the feed direction as shown only. oki mc160n

Oki Printer Drivers

Page Grab the handle and lift it up slightly to the back, and then slowly pull the imaging cartridge out vertically. Getting Acquainted With Your Machine, Space Requirements Getting Acquainted with Mc1660n Machine Space Requirements To ensure easy operation, oki mc160n replacement and maintenance, adhere oki mc160n the recommended space requirements detailed below.

Selecting From the Address Book The speed dial destinations and oki mc160n dial destinations registered on this machine are saved in the address book.

The service requires full cookie support in oki mc160n to view the website. Page Adjust the humidity in the media stor- age area.

Print Head Window Continuing to use this machine with a dirty print head window can cause print quality problems. Mv160n cover open lever to open the front cover forward. Do not burn the toner cartridge.

Scanning From a Oki mc160n Application Documents can be scanned from oki mc160n computer connected to this machine with a USB cable or via a network. Subnet mask, Gateway response is correct. Take oki mc160n the top and bottom sheets of a ream of paper.

Open the scanner unit. Media is flat, especially on the leading edge. Dye-sublimation mc16n0 heat to move color from a bow to the photo paper. Keep media on a flat, level surface in oki mc160n original wrapper until it is time to load it. If oki mc160n media cannot be removed mmc160n below the fuser unit, raise the fuser unit cover, and then remove the media from above the fuser unit.

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Changing Input Mode Each press of the key switches the input mode between numbers oki mc160n letters. If the toner cartridge is moved from a okki place to a warm, humid place, condensation may occur, degrading print qual- ity. Normal Self-diagnostic Mode level 1 oki mc160n. Repeat Copying With repeat copying, small documents, such as memos, are tiled and printed on a single page.