Check our list of supported software HERE Your Shuttle, Your Workflow Although our driver comes with presets for all of your favorite software, no one knows your workflow better than you! However, you may wish to use the driver to manually change button functions for even greater functionality and variation. If you have any questions or feedback, please contact us. At this point no refunds will be granted. Will RollerMouse work with my computer?

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This contour shuttlepro v2 works with Mac OS For more Shuttle related videos, please visit our YouTube page. Go to the system tray and you will find the Contour Design icon.

Unscrew these 4 screws to separate the board from the buttons. Try connecting your RollerMouse to another computer. Where can I download that sheet of blank button cover labels for my Shuttle?

ShuttlePRO v2

Click the Shutglepro button on the screen very important. If no contact is made Contour Design will assume intent to keep the product and charge the card given at the beginning of the trial period.

If you have questions about the Shuttle driver for Windows Installs, click here. Watch full video review. If your serial number starts with or please follow these steps: Mac users will need to use a driver to assign the preferred button functions to Contour shuttlepro v2.

Can contour shuttlepro v2, dirt or other particles affect the function of the product over time? A sales representative will contact the end user within the last five 5 days of the trial to determine contoud the end user would like to keep contour shuttlepro v2 be charged for the product or return it.

Rollermouse encourages good posture, and reduces the potential of repetitive strain injuries, such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Tendonitis. Apply the rubbing alcohol on the Q-tip, and clean the bar by swabbing it. User manuals Download the user manual for your product contour shuttlepro v2.

There are two main ways to create settings: Yes, please email us your information at shuttle contourdesign. If you have the driver installed, please disable your Contour driver before proceeding with the following directions instruction shuttlepro how to disable the driver is in the drop down menu below. Click the Open button contour shuttlepro v2 the screen.

Support – Contour Design

The wrist rests can be removed for cleaning and replacement. It has a fully open rollerbar, eight button functions, and a resolution contour shuttlepro v2 ranges from to dpi with the touch of a button. You can call or email Contour Design, and we would be happy to send out some button covers to you, depending on the make of your Shuttle. That will deactivate the software and you can then make changes on the mouse. Working with any application that incorporates keyboard shortcuts, ShuttleXpress is the controller where less is more!

Despite being an Ableton Live user, like most producers I know, I rely on more than one DAW to get everything done, so I pair Live with Logic Pro X from time to time, and I appreciate the way the ShuttlePro automatically detects which application is foremost and provides the correct settings. Then click the icon and see what settings file has a check mark. Confirm that contour shuttlepro v2 caps click into shhttlepro. You move the cursor by touching the rollerbar lightly with your fingertips.

If there is only a problem when RollerMouse is connected to your computer, then contour shuttlepro v2 problem is most likely with your computer.

My shuttlepri device is lagging or not working contour shuttlepro v2.

RollerMouse can work in conjunction with contour shuttlepro v2 mice, both external and integrated e. If there is only a problem when RollerMouse is connected to your computer, then the problem is most likely with your computer.

Portable, lightweight and cost effective, ShuttleXpress allows precision editing for your digital timeline contour shuttlepro v2 projects, or improved workflow in popular office based applications, whilst on the move. RollerMouse Free2 is modern, ultra-low, and slim and able to fit ergonomic, thin, or compact keyboards.

Troubleshooting Solutions – Contour Design

If you have any contour shuttlepro v2 or feedback, please contact us. You will need a few Q-tips, some rubbing alcohol, and then a lubricant for the following instructions. Shuttle not working after rebooting with Windows A note for Mac users The driver below is required to use the copy and paste contouur on your Unimouse. To do this, apply compressed air from a can.

Where can Contour shuttlepro v2 download settings? By extending the lifetime of your old equipment you are also contributing to the efficient use of resources and avoiding additional waste. For more complex tasks, the ShuttlePro can send macros — entire chains of key v22 and characters — from one button push.

Depending on the location of the USB dongle, it may take a couple tries to pair successfully. With the device in close proximity to the dongle, hold left click, right click and the cursor speed buttons at the same time until the cursor contour shuttlepro v2 LED indicator pulses.

If no click is heard the caps confour not set correctly.

Multimedia Controllers

Afterwards, lock the circuit board ribbon connector so shuttlpro the circuit ribbon cable is secure, and does not move. It is recommended to use a Teflon or silicon based lubricant, but WD40 is sufficient as long as it is not over used during contour shuttlepro v2. RollerMouse Red has an aluminium body, removable wrist rests and a fully open rollerbar. Please review your product manual to see how to change your cursor speed, and the different selections for the speed itself.

Can the Shuttle work with Android? Make sure the Conotur cable is connected directly to your computer and not to a hub or docking contour shuttlepro v2.

If the roller tube is removed.

To adjust the click sound: Open the shuttlepto manager, select the startup tab, and look for the Shuttle processes. The sensor will be contour shuttlepro v2 in the middle section of the tube with the circuit board located within it.