Retrieved 6 August I have been with T-Mobile for 12 years receiving a discount because of my military service. No, as an existing customer losing my discount, Tmo is still a better deal. Next to the 3. This is an anti-uncarrier move that will only result in a mass exodus of customers. As with Maemo 5 on the Nokia N, the community can request a closed source component owned by Nokia to be released as open source. Quite simply, I hope a unicorn impales T-mo and then performs unnatural acts upon them using a bowling ball.

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You say that T-Mobile has phobe rid of the pain points, but none of the points you listed affect me. I have been trying to decide whether to go to nokia c3 00 usb phone parent talk or not. Tech sites like Engadget and The Verge are starting to run with the story, not hesitating to poke fun at how un-UNcarrier this is. Actually, you are wrong there.

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The fact remains that a customer can pay what he owes and leave T-Mobile at any time. Their customer service is dead last and their network is dead last. I understand upgrading cost money, but they need to nokia c3 00 usb phone parent the customers who are still paying off their jump phones, to keep their existing corporate discount…. However, business should also tell you that it is times cheaper to keep existing customers than it is to try and gain new ones. And be happy about it.

That already passed when Tmobile said no to selling to them. Anyone want to start a petition?

If anything TMobile has responsibility issues by failing to research their desired profitability margins before making the actual decision…. They are starting to turn into Comcast — hurt the existing customer. If everyone had extra money to spare, Tmobile wouldnt have entered into a low price war. TMobile gave him a price with discount and then pulled back after said customer jsb bought and financed phones…. This discount was through a company that provides liability insurance to healthcare providers.

Archived from the original on 27 July nokia c3 00 usb phone parent They can find other ways to expand. Guess they have to pay for all those planned network upgrades.

For a much better network, I say take the plunge and go to Verizon. Just cleared nokia c3 00 usb phone parent up with Tmobile. Also, since T-Mobile has been zealously trying to reimage their brand, now would also be a good time to e-mail editors and authors of popular tech sites and blogs to see if we can get them to run with nkia story about the company making some not-so-UNcarrier moves lately.

Maybe TMO would change its mind and at least grandfather existing customers. I also was erroneously told I would keep my discount. Your only options are pretty much sprint and TMO because you need unlimited.

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I nokia c3 00 usb phone parent now access my employer discount with Verizon to pay they same as I will pay with tmobile after losing my corporate discount! Here is one for you. Yet, some people are still unpleaseable. He told us to have faith in him, and he would deliver. However T-mobile still offer discounts for those employed by certain healthcare nokia c3 00 usb phone parent, and I simply entered employment details and submitted them.

Now they are getting rid of discounts and not even grandfathering in people who have them already. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Nokia N9. Now that was a stupid promotion, dumbest in the telecom space in years.

Existing subscribers should be grandfathered. Most of the people average 2. All I know is after this go into affect I give tmobile a yr, With all these price increase and changes they should have enough money I shouldnt be seeing EDGE or Deadspots. They can go about it through other means instead of pissing everyone off. Why does everyone have to swallow the all you can eat model? Great coverage, Fast speeds, cheap prices, and unlimited data.

For those who currently receive the discount, this is going to sound like bad news, regardless of how T-Mobile tries to spin it.